hey there! as someone with a million things always going through my brain, i decided it might be nice to get some of them down on paper. so here’s a bit “on making.”

expect to find thoughts here…on making…things, design, music, creativity. i’ll share song demos, ideas, product thoughts, processes, things that probably won’t hold up in a few years, and hopefully get to know some of you as well!

most of the things on here will be free. shoot me an email if there’s stuff you’d like to see! would love to give any help i can to those of you out there struggling with making music, doing design, or building cool products and teams that make your days actually fun instead of an endless grind into the capitalist furnace.

see y’all out there! ❤️

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design, music, products, a good time


Adam Trabold

Director, Creative - Product @wpengine (makers of @heyflywheel + @localwp). musician. @npnpodcast. entp. he/him. cat daddy of three, human daddy of one.